Message from Dean

Mr. Benu Gautam

 Dean, GCE A Level

I would like to quote a famous proverb by Li Keqiang, “Changes call for innovation and innovation leads to progress.” As the theme of the year goes Tradition: A call for Innovation, GCE A Level has been trying to enhance the overall development of the student by striving to foster morally upright, academically excellent and socially responsible students. It has been six years since GCE A Level has been a part of this college and it is one of the chief programs offered by the college.

One of the greatest achievements for the department has been the declaration of its Independent status. The students here are guided by the Jesuit values and are encouraged to bring out the best in them.  The teachers as well as students are motivated to have innovative spirit to bring about the change. There are a series of platforms provided to the students for their growth and development. GCE A Level aims to produce accountable and globally competent students who strive towards excellence.