Why A levels at SXC?

Why A Levels at SXC?

A Levels @ SXC

Best prepares for university education anywhere in the world. Credit transfer to universities is possible.Provides an environment that ensures high standards of excellence.A unique atmosphere both in laboratory and class room that is defined by a mixture of academic rigor and personal relationship.Continuous Internal Assessment: Each subject teacher will assess the students’ performance and progress periodically.
Students are mentored to build confident personality, nurture innovative ideas and to discover the innate potentials in them.Wide range of assessment processes and techniques like oral exams, practical projects and class presentations are used to supplement formal written exams.Opportunities for community service along with participation in annual social service camp.

Extracurricular activities under St. Xavier’s A- Level Society (SAS)
Value classes – To instill life enhancing values and promote integrity and ethical behavior in work and relationships.Another aspect of the A-levels program at St. Xavier’s is that the class as a whole are taken on field trips as this serves as an important medium of teaching.The subjects are taught in two phases; in the first year they are taught the AS level while in the second part they are taught the A-level courses.
Expected Attributes in Students

The students often find the content of the A-Level courses vast, especially for those who come from the SLC system. Furthermore, the program also requires students to constantly work hard throughout the program.This is why students who want to enter this program must show long term commitment of self-study and self-initiation to complete the course.

  • Willingness to persevere in demanding and often very taxing syllabus.
  • The students need to be well dedicated to pursue this program.
  • Requires diligence and openness to transformation.
  • Must have excellent command of English.
  • Must be highly committed to the program and prepared to work tremendously hard during the program.
  • Must be able to work in group and be very punctual (meet deadlines).
  • Must be confident, curious and active learner.
  • Students must have completed SLC / GCE O Level / CBSE /IGCSE / ICSE or any other equivalent degree