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The Independent Center status of St. Xavier’s College means that it is also recognized as a Cambridge International School that provides intellectual environment and infrastructural facilities worthy of an international school of learning. As an Independent Center, St. Xavier’s now provides special benefits to the students who are enrolled in the A Level. All the examinations are held at St. Xavier’s College itself including the CIE practical examinations. The familiarity with the college lobs, their instruments and environment is highly advantageous to all who study here. – As an Independent Center, St. Xavier’s is in a position to reduce the financial burden on students and families by revising the system of the examination fees. All the certificates shall be issued by St. Xavier’s College itself. This will be time saving to the students and avoids a lot of inconveniences.


• Best prepares for university education anywhere in the world. Credit transfer to universities is possible.

• Provides an environment that ensures high standards of excellence.

• A unique atmosphere both in laboratory and class room that is defined by a mixture of academic rigor and personal relationship.

• Continuous Internal Assessment: Each subject teacher will assess the students’ performance and progress periodically.

• Students are mentored to build confident personality, nurture innovative ideas and to discover the innate potentials in them.

• Wide range of assessment processes and techniques like oral exams, practical projects and class presentations are used to supplement formal written exams.

• Opportunities for community service along with participation in annual Rural Immersion Program.

• Extracurricular activities under St. Xavier’s A- Level Society (SAS)

• Value classes to instill life enhancing values and promote integrity and ethical behavior in work and relationships.

• Field trips that serve to enhance learning