A Level Entrance Examination. Date: April 13th, 2018. Time: 10A.M. Reporting Time:9:30 A.M.

Please collect result of Send-Up Exam from A Level Office on 13th April 2018 Time:11 A.M. Admit Card will be distributed on 6th May. Time:11 A.M. sharp. Venue: Watrin Hall

Early morning on 6 of June 2012, 120 young inquisitive minds entered the St. Xavier’s College which would become the 2nd batch of A-levels. They would endure 3 rigorous academic terms in a year which would probably make their persona strong enough to reach heights of success. But few probably had realized the difficult road that lay ahead. As seniors, the A2 took an initiative to welcome their juniors. Their warm welcome included cultural programs that were highly entertaining. With high hopes, the new students slowly coalesced to the wisdom of the college. Surviving this new learning environment required hard work and commitment. In order to flourish in this new environment, the students needed to act smart and work smart. And as they struggled together, their bonds with their families and friends got stronger, their talents got better. Failures had to be overcome, discipline had to be maintained, and time had to be respected, and as they journeyed further down this road, it became more colorful. This beautiful consequence couldn’t have been a reality had it not been for the dedication and commitment of the teachers, staffs and parents. Parents and teachers met after every term to encourage students. They used this as an opportunity to work on students and improve their abilities, to work on their weaknesses and further polish their strengths. It was also used as an opportunity to strengthen not only their academic base but also values, which later in their life would serve as a guiding light for success and happiness.
Speaking of values, the students were immersed in an environment of service during their community service work hours and social service camps. Chaimaile and Gotikhel were the place of social service for A2s and the AS’s taken to Chaimaile VDC. The students took survey of the local people, painted classrooms, made fences, cooked food and performed dramas to raise awareness of social problems. These various activities allowed the students to understand the lives of the less fortunate ones and get deeper insights of problems that our society is currently facing. Moreover, these camps compelled the students to step outside of their comfort zones which would spur much growth in their maturity and that also in a very memorable way. Similarly, A2 students were taken on educational camps to Sikkim and Darjaleeng while the AS students were taken to Chitwan.
As end of the year drew near, it was time for the A-levels department to look back and cherish the past and more importantly, improve the program for the future. Before the start of A-levels, a teachers’ seminar was held. This seminar involved addressing constructive criticism of the department and also devising lesson plans for the upcoming academic year. The A-level department is looking forward to new and richer year ahead.
The A2 exams have finished and the students are now ready and willing to enter colleges or universities. Most students have opted to take a gap year, and we are confident that they will be productive and building upon the previous branches of growth. The newly seniors, similar to the current A2, are willing to accept more responsibility and, as done by seniors, are looking forward to welcome a new batch of AS students. Metamorphosis of the young inquisitive minds of both A2 and AS has indeed taken place.

The holistic learning environment wouldn’t have been possible without the following A-level department staffs and teachers